Life Is Short, Hire Better Entertainment

You get 3-4 hours to do it right. How would the night feel if the MC is mediocre? There are few other professions in the world that rely so much on perfection. Most other occupations allow for a second chance, even many surgeries can later be corrected. However, hosting a wedding is a one-shot opportunity to do it right.

It’s Not All About The Music

Sure, the music is important but you need to consider the importance of “keeping the party going”.  Your MC determines the pace of your party.  Frazier prides himself on your celebration being the best it can be. “It is important for me that, everything from the grand introduction through the toasts and dances to the last song of the evening is all handled impeccably.”

What You Get When You Book Frazier

“It is essential for you to know what to expect when you decide to appoint me as your wedding MC.”

Decades of experience as a Professional Master of Ceremonies.

My 10-Point Pledge

Advanced planning & coordination so we can make it the way you want it.

16/7 day access to my cell phone for questions that can’t wait. I will address any wedding-related questions (except for who to marry). I admit that I may not pick up your call if I am at another event.

One long conversation.  Here we discuss your expectations for your big day. All the finer details.

At your wedding, all the coordination with the F&B staff, musicians, cameramen, and venue managers will be handled by me.

Frankly, The success of your wedding is on the line and I feel responsible for much of it. NOBODY understands the party flow better than a seasoned MC.

The Professional Fee

“I only have one and it is all-inclusive – I’m exclusively your MC for the entire duration of your celebration, irrespective of the shut-down time for music. The only possible “extra” would be travel beyond home cities (Mumbai/Goa) and overnight stays.”

“I want to perform for those that place value on the skills I bring to an event. And therefore my fee is a bit more than the average. Do you want that extra edge, that insurance that makes for a memorable party? You know very well, what makes the difference between good and great.”

Frazier Doesn’t “DO” Weddings — He Makes Happy Brides!

What makes one person better than another at a specific occupation is the interest or ability to learn and want to improve.  Frazier takes the time to constantly evolve with new ideas and concepts for weddings so that every couple he meets remembers theirs as being unique in some way.

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