The cocktail that is messing your celebration

Corporate events and weddings are fun to be at. Amidst all the camaraderie and entertainment that I have been a part of, as an Emcee, there is a new fad, which has consistently contributed in bringing most events to a messy and sad end after all has gone well.

Yes, I am talking here about the booze and specifically the presence of a ‘Cocktail Bar’. (And I understand very well that the alcohol is an integral part of most celebrations).

So, there is a regular bar that serves the whiskies and beers and other spirits. The presence of a separate cocktail bar has now become fashionable for avid alcohol consumers and even more so, for the host holding the party. Guests start off consuming their favorite whisky or beer etc. at the regular bar and as the evening advances; they are also sampling various cocktails off the menu at the other stall.

As the party reaches its peak, it is now normal to see bartenders or skimpy clad women, walk in to the dance floor with tequila shots or vodka shots or a large canister with a pipe and tap, containing a tempered but sweet concoction. And everyone is consuming this deadly dose of trouble.

Further and appallingly, hosts who in an attempt to flaunt their wealth, bring out choice brands of scotch, rum, vodka and more; bottle after bottle and offer them as ‘quick-shots’ to guests on the dance floor.

As a result of all this, guests who are already well fortified with their initial 2-3, are now consuming all of this, with no idea that it is putting them out of control. In the natural progression of their drunkenness and debauchery, the only thing they want is non-stop and high paced music to dance to, with no care for rules and regulations of the venue and bigger still – the law. They amazingly start to remember their ‘connections’ in offices of authority, who they feel they can name or call and allow the party to continue. Little do they know, that those ‘connections’ don’t give a damn.

When it is getting closer to shut-down, they obviously want more and this ends up in conflict, where at least one or a group of guests are getting abusive and violent with the performers, service providers and venue managers. I’ve seen unfortunate incidents of sound equipment, musical instruments, cameras and more being damaged in these acts of aggression.

And then in a state of disgrace, sober members of the host client, feel ashamed, express regret and are apologetic at the end of it. Shouldn’t they have been safer than sorry? Couldn’t they have considered the potential perils of excessive alcohol consumption, during the planning of their celebration?

So, what is the way out? If you want an evening of meaningful enjoyment, here is what you can and perhaps should do. .. .

1. Try and have just a cocktail bar or a regular bar, not both.

2. If you decide to have both bars and flaunt your capability, do put up a sign of caution at the bars, advising guests to drink responsibly by avoiding a mix of drinks from the regular and cocktail bar.

3. Instruct the cocktail bar not to bring ‘shots’ of any kind to the dance floor. And avoid doing these yourselves as the host.

4. If you have decided to exhibit your opulence by having two bars, go a step further and also deploy bouncers at your event, who can escort guests that go out of control. It would perhaps cost you, less than half of the price of two bars to have a handful of security at your event.

5. Respect the entertainers, service providers and venue staff. You are hiring them to do professional work at your celebration. They are not your paid servants. And if you think so, remember even paid servants deserve respect.

6. Respect the timelines of the venue, performers & service providers that have been pre-agreed upon and start your celebration on time.

7. If it is a family event like a wedding, educate your children and family members, about the importance of having a celebration that doesn’t roll out of control. They may have the money but not the best inclination of how to use it.

8. Better still, have an after party and drown your guests in all your spirits and cocktails till 6 am and beyond, thru’ breakfast. They will remember you for all reasons.

Finally, do share this post, especially if you feel it could help someone who is planning a celebration in the near future.

Cheers to having momentous events ahead!!!

Disclaimer: This post is not in any way intended to disregard or bring to disrepute the niche art of bar tending or cocktail bar services. It is and remains a wonderful industry that is increasingly becoming popular and I have enjoyed seeing some talented bartenders exhibit their skills with alacrity and flair. This post is meant to create awareness about the misuse and abuse of a cocktail bar at your party.

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