Who is He

Since 23, Frazier has been at the helm of over 1700 events across India and abroad. He is eloquent, in demand, and a welcome change from the stereotypes.

With decades of experience, he understands every facet of running a function, from the kitchen to the dais to the dance floor. He knows the importance of timing at every event, and his energetic yet simple style has earned him the reputation of being one of the premier Emcees.

His down-to-earth and approachable nature is what makes him enviable. “I am passionate about hosting events and absolutely love what I do. This is after all the industry of true love & entertainment so it’s important that I too love playing my part.”

Frazier is witty, engaging, and can quickly read the energy in the room. .“Often a simple pause or a well-timed response can mean a thousand words, but it has to be spontaneous.” It’s a fine line he treads to perfection.

“No two occasions are the same which is why I never get tired week in-week out. Meeting new people across borders and making a difference is what drives me and keeps me motivated.”

Why Him?

Frazier knows the event you are planning is a big deal to you, which is why he would never compromise on quality. “Before I tell you what I am as an MC, let me share What I Am NOT…”

– I won’t pull people off their chairs — My talking does this.

– I don’t do this as a side job – this is one of my two main professions.

– I won’t make disparaging remarks about anyone at your event.

– I don’t have different packages or up-sells – you get everything.


This pledge is backed by my reputation and applies to all events. Any violation of this will result in a discount on my full professional fee. I put my money where my mouth is. How do you feel about a guarantee like this?

Your event is a lot of money to spend and probably the biggest one you’ll ever be the guest of honor at. Frazier recognizes this, which is exactly why he is serious about that 10-Point pledge.

“I admit it; I’m a perfectionist about your event and it’s just too important to mess up. It should get the attention it deserves and every event I do does get my full attention. I’m not on the cell phone while you are having a bridal dance, or out having a smoke and rolling in just in the nick of time to announce your arrival at the venue. Your event is, believe it or not, as important to me as it is to you.”

“Look, there is no excuse for any professional MC to be less than I promise above. As events go, I can’t think of anything more important to a bride than her wedding day or anything more important to an event coordinator than the big corporate occasion.”